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Chapter Four

You can obtain what you want only by applying your faculties to your work and your environment. You become able to apply your faculties successfully by acquiring Power-Consciousness. And you go forward by a concentration on today’s work, and by doing perfectly everything that can be done at the present time. You can get what you want in the future only by concentrating all your energies upon the constructive use of whatever you are in relation with today. An indifferent or half-hearted use of the elements in today’s environment will be fatal to tomorrow’s attainment.

Do not desire for today what is beyond your ability to get today. But be sure you get today the very best that can be had. Never take less than the very best that can be had at the present time. But do not waste energy by desiring what cannot be had at the present time. If you always have the best that can be had, you will continue to have better and better things, because it is a fundamental principle in the universe that life shall continually advance into more life, and into the use of more and better things. This is the principle which causes evolution. But if you are satisfied with less than the best that can be had, you will cease to move forward.

Every transaction and relation of today, whether it be business, domestic or social, must be made a stepping stone to what you want in the future. And to accomplish this, you must put into each more than enough life to fill it. There must be surplus power in everything you do. It is this surplus power which causes advancement and gets you what you want. Where there is no surplus power, there is no advancement and no attainment. It is the surplus of life, above and beyond the functions of present environment, which causes evolution. And evolution is advancing into more life, or getting what you want.

Suppose, for instance, you are in a trade or profession and wish to increase your business. It will not do, when you sell goods or service, to make the matter a merely perfunctory transaction, taking the customer’s money, giving him good value, and letting him go away feeling that you had no interest in the matter beyond giving him a fair deal and profiting thereby. Unless he feels that you have a personal interest in him and his needs, and that you are honestly desirous to increase his welfare, you have made a failure and are losing ground. When you can make every customer feel that you are really trying to advance his interests, as well as your own, your business will grow. It is not necessary to give premiums, or heavier weights, or better values than others give to accomplish this. It is done by putting life and interest into every transaction, however small.

If you desire to change your avocation, make your present business a stepping stone to the one you want. As long as you are in your present business, fill it with life. The surplus will tend toward what you want. Take a live interest in every man, woman, and child you meet, in either a business or social way, and sincerely desire the best for them. They will soon begin to feel that your advancement is a matter of interest to them and they will unite their thoughts for your good. This will form a battery of power in your favor and will open ways of advancement for you.

If you are an employee and desire a promotion, put life into everything you do. Put in more than enough life and interest to fill each piece of work. But do not be servile. Never be a flunkey. And above all things, avoid the intellectual prostitution, which is the vice of our times in many trades and most professions. I mean by this the being a mere hired apologist for, and defender of, immorality, graft, dishonesty, or vice in any form. The intellectual prostitute may rise in the service, but he is a lost soul. Respect yourself. Be absolutely just to all. Put life into every act and thought and fix Power-Conscious thought upon the fact that you are entitled to promotion. It will come as soon as you can more than fill your present place in every day. If it does not come from your present employer, it will come from another. It is the law that whosoever more than fills his present place must be advanced. But for this law there could be no evolution and no progress. But mark well what follows.

It is not enough that you should merely put surplus life into your business relations. You will not advance far if you are a good business man or employer, but a bad husband, an unjust father, or an untrustworthy friend. Your failure in these respects will make you incapable of using your success for the advancement of life, and so, you will not come under the operation of constructive law. Many a man who fulfills the law in business is prevented from progressing because he is unkind to his wife, or deficient in some other relation of life. To come under the operation of the evolutionary force you must more than fill every present relation. A telegraph operator desired to get away from the key, and get onto a small farm. And he began to move in that direction by being `good’ to his wife. He `courted’ her, without any reference to his desire. And from being half indifferent, she became interested and eager to help. Soon they had a little piece of ground in the edge of the town and she raised poultry and superintended a garden while he `pounded the key.’ Now they have a farm and he has obtained his desire. You can secure the cooperation, not only of your wife, but of all the people around you, by putting life and interest into all your relations with them.

Put into every relation, business, domestic or social, more than enough life to fill that relation. Have faith, which is Power-Consciousness. Know what you want in the future, but have today the very best that can be obtained today. Never be satisfied at any time with less than the best that can be had at that time, but never waste energy in desiring what is not to be had now. Use all things for the advancement of life for yourself and for all with whom you are related in any way. Follow out these principles of action and you cannot fail to get what you want, for the universe is so constructed that all things must work together for your good.

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