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Chapter Two

The faculties of the human mind are the tools with which success is attained, and the right application of these tools to your work or business will do it successfully and get what you want. A few people succeed because they use their faculties successfully, and the majority who have equally good faculties, fail because they use them unsuccessfully. There is something in the man who succeeds which enables him to use his faculties successfully, and this something must be cultivated by all who succeed. The question is, what is it?

It is hard to find a word which shall express it, and not be misleading. This something is Poise, and poise is peace and power combined. But it is more than poise, for poise is a condition, and this something is an action as well as a condition. This Something is Faith, but it is more than faith, as faith is commonly understood. As commonly understood, faith consists in the action of believing things which cannot be proved, and the Something which causes success is more than that. It is Conscious Power in Action. It is Active Power-Consciousness.

Power-Consciousness is what you feel when you know that you can do a thing, and you know how to do the thing. If I can cause you to know that you can succeed, and know that you know how to succeed, I have placed success within your grasp. For if you know that you can do a thing, and you know that you know how to do it, it is impossible that you should fail to do it, if you really try. When you are in full Power-Consciousness, you will approach the task in an absolutely successful frame of mind. Every thought will be a successful thought, every action a successful action. And if every thought and action is successful, the sum total of all your actions cannot be failure.

What I have to do in these lessons then, is to teach you how to create Power-Consciousness in yourself, so that you will know that you can do what you want to do and then to teach you how to do what you want to do. Read again the preceding section; it proves by unanswerable logic that you can succeed. It shows that all that is in any mind is in your mind, the difference, if any, being in development. It is a fact in nature that the undeveloped is always capable of development. We see then that the cause of success is in you, and is capable of full development. Having read this you must believe that it is possible for you to succeed. But it is not enough for you to believe that you can. You must know that you can. And the subconscious mind must know it as well as the objective mind. People have a way of saying, “he can who thinks he can,” but this is not true. It is not even true that he can who knows he can, if only the objective mind is spoken of. For the subconscious mind will often completely set aside and overcome what is positively known by the objective mind. It is a true statement, however, that he can whose subconscious mind knows that he can. And it is especially true if his objective mind has been trained to do the work. People fail because they think, objectively, that they can do things, but do not know, subconsciously, that they can do them. It is more than likely that your subconscious mind is even now impressed with doubts of your ability to succeed. And these must be removed, or it will withhold its power when you need it most.

The subconscious mind is the source from which power comes in the action of any faculty, and a doubt will cause this power to be withheld, and the action will be weak. Therefore, your first step must be to impress your subconscious mind with that fact that you can. This must be done by repeated suggestions. Practice the following mental exercise several times a day, especially just before going to sleep. Think quietly about the subconscious mentality, which permeates your whole body as water permeates a sponge. As you think of this mind, try to feel it. You will soon be able to become conscious of it. Hold this consciousness, and say with deep, earnest feeling: “I can succeed! All that is possible to any one is possible to me. I am successful. I do succeed, for I am full of the Power of Success.” This is the simple truth. Realize that it is true, and repeat it over and over until your mentality is saturated through and through with the knowledge that you can do what you want to do! You can. Other people have, and you can do more than any one has every done, for no one has ever yet used all the power that is capable of being used. It is within your power to make a greater success in your business than any one has ever made before you.

Practice the above autosuggestion for a month with persistence, and you will begin to know that you have within you that which can do what you want to do. And then you will be ready for the next section which will tell you how to proceed in doing what you want to do. But remember that it is absolutely essential that you should first impress upon the subconscious mind the knowledge that you can.

How To Get What You Want | Как получать желаемое


Опубликовано: Mar 30, 12:54 PM

Улисов Юрий Андреевич


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